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Friday, February 22, 2013

Huddle, Multidisciplinary Rounds.

Finally I was able to successfully roll out Huddle or multidisciplinary rounds at all three hospitals.

So far I have heard great things the way we are conducting these rounds. 

We have a huddle for 20 minutes every day, less than a minute per patient at a specific location in each hospital.

Out team members include everyone who are stakeholders in patient care.

1- Dedicated case manager. (I would appreciate if you can assign a dedicated case manager for all our patients)
2- House nursing supervisor.
3- Floor supervisors (optional).
4- Physical therapy and occupational therapy.
5- Dietary.
6. Core measure/ quality measure person for real time corrective measures for CHF, Pneumonia, AMI etc.
7- Hospital DRG coder. (Again this would take care of any def. in documentation).
8- Mr. Computer, so we can take care of orders during rounds.
9. Pharmacist (if they can).

Our team has so far improved,
1- Potential early discharges and transfers. 
2- Plan of care for the day.
3- Identify needs for patients.
4. Improve work flow and delegation of tasks.
5. Improve core measure compliance and power plans. 
6. Improve documentation. 
7- Contain cost per case.

And the best part is.... it is a lot of fun.

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