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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fly me to the moon.

Poor Mr. Sick Guy was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. He was visiting from Michigan when he got sick. He developed fever and abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with perforated ulcer. Unfortunately he had multiple complications during hospital stay. But with the help of medical care and great support from family he started to improve.

So after 2 weeks when he was feeling better he asked me “Doc when do you think I can fly?” I said “You can never fly sir; I can understand that you think we are good but we are not that good. You would still need a plane to fly”. He smiled and said “I like that one”.  I often hear patients say "Can you get me a new body" Usually I reply "sorry not today, how about first thing in the morning".

Humor adds joy to someone’s life immediately. Humor in medicine plays a significant role in improving patient-doctor communication. Humors ease patient’s defenses and make them more receptive what you have to stay.

There have been studies which demonstrated that laughter enhances immune system, reduces blood pressure and decreases stress.

So next time, just laugh a little.

Appreciate the response and comments I have received from all of you here on this blog, facebook and via email. I specially appreciate Mr. Paul Levy input and advice.

About the picture: I took this picture from my home in Tampa.


olaoluwatomi said...
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olaoluwatomi said...

Like the joke:)

Your camera must have a great zoom lens! :)) Nice pic!

Human Factor said...

I used a 70/300 Nikon but the image was developed
using lightroom 2.7 with a crop.

bilalahmed said...

"Fly me to the moonLet me sing among those starsLet me see what spring is likeOn jupiter and marsIn other words, hold my handIn other words, baby kiss meFill my heart with songLet me sing for ever moreYou are all I long forAll I worship and adoreIn other words, please be trueIn other words, I love you" wonderful wonderful Sinatra.


Anonymous said...

Very true Bilal.