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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Am Not Fat Enough, 12 Step Program.

I was walking in Chinatown, New York yesterday behind an obese almost 350 lbs lady, we will call her Lady A.  She was huffing and puffing while walking. There comes another obese girl (Lady B) who was coming straight ahead. She was a little lighter maybe around 300 lbs. Obese lady A was with few friends. She crossed obese lady A, turns around and looks at her condescendingly and said “If I am ever this fat I am going to start exercising”. 

That was an interesting comment. How big is big. I think we all suffer from a syndrome which is an opposite of body dysmorphic syndrome.  I do not think that we realize how big we are. If we do we all would take a little better care of our selves.

Two third of Americans are obese. We have developed an addiction to food. We live a sedentary lifestyle and continue to be in denial. We need to have a paradigm shift and treat obesity more in terms of addiction rather than just another medical problem. If you are an alcoholic you will always be, so you abstain from alcohol all your life.

So if you are obese, diabetic, hypertensive, you are for all your life , we need to place the same standards of therapy for obesity etc. I think implementing 12 step programs in these cases would help.

On TV you see more TV shows about weight loss, the Biggest loser and Huge have been quite popular lately. I am not sure if the point is really to promote weight loss or we just like to see some obese people running around. I hope it is not later.

Let us try to increase awareness as much as we can. 

Blog you later.

About the picture: Billboard I saw in Manhattan of the TV show Huge.

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