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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Stole A Cow. Episode II, COWs Identity Crisis.

So after a year I got acquainted with COWS, I got the news that we can no longer call these creatures COWs (Computer Working Station). From there on we shall name thee “Wows” (Working Station on Wheels). I was perplexed… why, so after digging around I uncovered the alleged story behind re-branding of the COW.

There are strange coincidences in life, where unexpected factors coincide just at the right moment to produce either chaos or miracles. This was not a miracle! Apparently a colleague of mine was looking for his COW around a nursing station. He was asking other staff have they seen his COW. Apparently while this conversation was going on, an obese lady was hovering around the counter.  She thought someone was calling her names, she complained and powers to be decided to create a WOW (Working station on Wheels), formerly know as a COW.

All jokes aside, I find this device very helpful especially when I am busy. I try to encourage my colleagues to start using electronic progress notes rather than just using EMR (Electronic Medical Records) for orders. Once you utilize the whole package you can reduce your total rounding time by at least an hour if not more. Now this is coming from a guy who hated this specific EMR when we switched from paper to electronic records. Now I can’t see my self working without it.

Blog you later.

About the picture: Herd of COWs.

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Doing a good job. I am following your blog everyday. Your stories keeps me involved and I find them educational too.