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Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Things You Want In Future.

 Today was a very special day. I have been invited for talks before but this was the best.

I went to my daughter’s class to talk about what I do. The teacher has invited parents to come to the class and talk about what they do for a living.

When I arrived at the school there were 17 children eagerly waiting. I talked about what Hospitalist are and what hospital medicine is about? I also informed them about wound care and hyperbaric medicine. I asked for any volunteers with any “boo-boo” for demonstration. One 7 year old volunteer with an ant bite came forward,  who I readily discharged from my service after prompt therapy.

All in all it was a lovely experience.

In the end I asked them if there were any questions or comments, here are some fine examples;

  • “My sister kicks me at night, can you do something about it”.
  • “My granny has a metal in her hip. Does she need any thing?”
  • “Do you also treat cats and dogs?”
  • “I know how you become a doctor, you go to med school”.
 The best thing is my daughter thought I was awesome! You  can’t beat that.
Blog You Later.

About the picture: My 6 year old daughter was asked what three things you want to do in future.
So if you look at the picture, she scratched 1- Fly 2- Talk to cars. Before what she wrote above. 


Anonymous said...

I like the desire of your daughter,which shows how much she admires her parents,its too cute to think about two kids.

Anonymous said...

If you worked with Dr Ali, as I do, you would understand totally why his daughter wants to be like him.