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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dante’s Inferno.

Nine Eleven.... always brings a feeling of dread, though it has been a decade now. 

In Dante’s Inferno, when Dante along with Virgil started to descend deeper into hell (Inferno), they observed Contrapasso, best explained as symbolic punishments, best suited for one's sin. A kind of a poetic justice. 
For example a con man in hell would be reassured that he will be served a full meal, when he would become hungry, he would be served with putrid and rotten food. A murderer will be kept alive for eternity, where he would only wish every second for death to relieve him from his agony.

If there is hell, what would be the punishment for our deeds? Let’s assume if we are not …..Umm….. not adequate. Not just adequate but negligent, if I may say so ... pernicious to others! So those guys who crashed the planes, what should they get in Dante's Inferno?

I have been in a hiatus, working on my book, busy with work etc and ... OK, have you ever come across a situation when someone calls you after a long time and you try to provide some lame excuse of being really busy? And when they ask you what you have been up to? You reply sheepishly “nothing much”.  
Well, I will not give any excuses, I will stop while I am ahead.

Just some random thoughts...

PS: I wrote few words last year on Nine eleven here. Took this picture around the same time.

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