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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Nine Eleven, 8:45 AM. A Minute Before Impact.

“I remember looking at their faces when they walked in the church…… their faces were so blank almost like a deadened look on their faces. But after a while they talk, and eat, and sit and you’d see them leave smiling”.
Tara Bane
Victim’s wife and volunteer.

 Sometimes I wonder what do we have to show for. Is it really all about getting a good education or making few more bucks or collecting some more "stuff" in your life. 

What is our contribution?  Have we made a difference in someone's life.... if we have than I hope in a good way.  Let''s start small, let us make a change in just one life. 
Let's talk .....

I wish at 8:45 AM, someone could have talked to them.

About the picture: Badges of workers and volunteers at ground zero on my last trip to New York.

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