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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Teenage is considered to be an age of chaos. You are exposed to various elements, it is an era of change, raging hormones and you are invincible. A friend of mine recently said when your child is a toddler, they are so cute you want to eat them and when they are teenagers you regret why you did not.

Henna (Temporary tattoos) is considered to be a symbol of celebration in eastern cultures. At wedding, girls get together and get very complex intertwined design on their hands and feet.

It was refreshing to see a young teenager Raza the other day. This kid turned Henna into a symbol of joy and utilized this medium to benefit cancer survivors. He is a gifted boy with an artistic approach. He has started offering these design to girls of different ages, and the funds he raises goes to Relay for life which is a volunteer-driven organization for cancer survivors.

Raza could be reached through this facebook account.

About the picture: Henna by Raza, picture over my guitar.

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