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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Healthcare Being Sequestered!

President Obama signed forced spending cuts of $85 billion dollars last Friday. There has been a public outrage but it is already too late.

What does this mean for us? just $11 billion dollars spending cut for Medicare.

Yes Sir, Medicare is going to slash away $11 billion in payments to healthcare providers, this amounts to a 2% cut.

All Medicare providers including hospitals, doctors and other allied health services will get the brunt of this order.

It will also effect CDC, American Public health, FDA, Vaccination programs, education programs (HRSA) , substance abuse and Mental health services administration (SAMHSA) and community healthcare center patients.
Imagine this is only one sector, please go and search what is happening to your sector. 

PS: About the picture: Bend a slinky too many times and it will stop springing  back to its original shape.

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