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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We are so used to Doctor in a box AKA Tele-Neurologist (prior blog here) these days that it is just a routine to request a Tele Neurology consultation without giving it a second though.

Some of you may be naive to this concept!. So in cases where we need a stat neurology consult and as there is a shortage of neurologist in town, we ask for a tele neurologist consult. A nurse brings a computer to the room and turns the camera on. A neurologist remotely reviews everything and then gives his recommendations.

So I thought that was it, but then came in Tele-Psychiatrist. We went with the flow and started to request them for our suicidal patients.

And again I thought that we were done.

Today I was reviewing some documents and I saw that one of our hospitals have been approached by Tele-Intensivist/Critical care services.

I am at a little loss here, how can they intubate or place lines from hundred of miles away. May be I am still living in the time where if I am a patient I would rather see a doctor in person.

What is that Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" I think we are.

PS: About the picture. Room full of consultants.

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