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Friday, May 18, 2012

Toyota Production System. Part 2.

Toyota Production System Training.  Part 2.

Kaizen, it is all about improving a system, any system. This course,  Gemba Kaizen, is about learning skills to improve efficiency as you decrease Muda (waste) associated with work.

There are few key concept one need to comprehend as you learn more about Toyota Production systems.

-       Jidoka: it roughly translates to “Automation with a human touch”. So whenever there is an equipment malfunction, the machine stops immediately that prevents it from producing defective products.

-       “Just in time” approach: Any process produces only what is needed by the next process in a continuous flow. It helps with producing only what is needed, when it is needed and in the right amount.

Using these principles Toyota mass-produces automobiles utilizing the philosophy of Jidoka and “just in time”. These vehicles are of exemplary quality, long lasting and up to the par for the customer.

Few days ago we spent our day at the Toyota museum. It was a very interesting experience. Museum has tow major pavilions. One is about textiles/Looms and the seconds part is about Automobiles.

Toyota name is so synonymous with cars that few people know that their initial business was manufacturing automatic looms.

This was the first time I observed a museum as a student rather than a spectator. Our goal was to observe Toyota Lean manufacturing and Toyota production system and later describe that process to the group with a brief sketch.

About the picture:

Picture 1- First circular looms designed by Sakichi Toyoda.

Picture 2- This  is my sketch. I was impressed by the automotive pavilion where they tested different metals, improved their design, they went to the source to get better materials and design and at the same time kept safety in their mind. 

I was never good at sketching!

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