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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death Valley.

A friend of mine Dr Rippe recently visited Death Valley, California. He shared this picture with me.  It is a strange. So I did some research this is what I found out.

It is favorite place for tourist, somehow this place has evaded me so far. It is a spectacular geological site. Strange and mysterious with melted rocks scattered around.  Pretty hot there with temperatures over 110 at times. Its favorite attraction is Racetrack Playa, known for moving rocks. There are these rocks which moves leaving behind tracks. 

For centuries people have not been able to figure out how these rocks move. Some theorist suggest that it is because of the rain, some say it is because of magnetics. Considering it is so dry no one really knows. It is a strange site and quite a mystery. 

If you know of any better theories do let me know. I found one explanation here

About the picture: Credit goes to Dr Rippe, thank you for sharing.

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