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Friday, November 5, 2010

Droid In The Room. Autonomous Mobile Robot.

When I was growing up I use to tag along with my older brother who was a big time Star War fan, we use to watch all kind of Star Trek episodes together. I realized later, that in the process I have been transformed into a Trekkie and technology enthusiast. 

So as I was starting my rounds today I had a Star War moment. I saw a R2-D2 like character from Star Wars roaming our hospital corridors. I shot this video earlier today of this contraption, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) going on its merry way. This  is along the same lines as my post earlier regarding Tele-Neurologist. This robot is crafted by a company Swisslog, which creates solutions for logistics automation. So make way to your next generation carrier. By the way, I think my amusement overwhelmed its handlers today. 

This robot carries digitally locked boxes containing various materials. You push a button and it will carry the samples to the lab or carry medications to different units from pharmacy. You can call it to your station by pushing a button. It can open doors, get into an elevator and may even has a capacity to carry medications to patient rooms. Our hospital just started using this robot, it is not operational, at least as of yet, but soon it would be. It will assist in all kind of logistics and distribution jobs around the hospital. 

Everything has its pros and cons. This carrier does not require a 401 K plan nor does it require any benefit plans. Nor it would take smoking breaks or stop on its way for a chat. However, all automated devices come with their own problems. Hey I have an idea, why don't we combine AMR with Tele-Neurologist technology to provide automated service. Anyways be aware,  soon you may find my replacement entering patient's room fully charged and on four wheels with an Apple logo....... here enters IAli,M.D.

So if you have any doubts, tomorrow is already here today. 

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Arshia said...

how interesting! it is good you and i have secured our next jobs, in case this turns into reality! :)