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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Chapter.

My friend who inspired me start this blog died last week. I wrote about him here and here.

I was out of town when this happened. My motivation was really low to write anything. Around the same time I had couple of injuries, I tore a muscle and most recently a hand injury while running. So all of these events compounded to this recent hiatus.

I came back last night and I saw his family today. The problem is what can you really say? not much. Even if you say anything it does not change anything. 

He recently received Patriot Award, this award goes to employers who support their employees beyond basic requirements by law.  He was that kind of a guy.

A friend of mine says that the last chapter of life is the most difficult to write. His last days were full of bravado, courage and inspiration. I think his last chapter was too short, however it was most admirable. RIP.

About the Picture: Busch Gardens.

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Tehmina said...

I just read the past few blogs about your friend, Iam so truley deeply sad to hear that he is no longer among us.He sounded like a marvaleous person and a really brave man.I couldnt stop my tears reading his quote, very emotional and so true. It actually got me thinking about everyday I wake up how grateful I should be to life and the things I have gotten. It can happen to anyone.You never know what card might be dealt to you.There are no words that can take the pain away from losing a dear one, but at least you got a chance to know a person of immense bravery and dignity.