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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charity Waters.

Charity Water is an NGO; which supplies clean and safe water to developing countries.
Ideas mean nothing, unless you act on them and this young guy decided to act on it. It was originally founded by Scot Harrison, a young socialite, a nightclub promoter and fashion events organizer out of New York City.  After living a life of self indulgence, he decided to do the opposite of everything he had done in the past, and do something for others. He traveled to Africa with a charity organization and never really left.

The idea started three years ago, it was to provide clean water which you and I drink every day; which is not available to 1 billion people around the world. Within three years this charity organization has collected 13 million dollars through 75,000 donors. In Africa millions of kids travel miles barefoot just to get water, these kids should be spending their time in school rather than looking for water.

Scot started with nothing and on his 31st birthday he asked all his friends to give him $20 dollars each, 700 hundred people showed up which enabled him to make 6 water wells in Uganda. At his 32nd birthday he asked people to donate $32, his team was able to collect $150,000 which went towards obtaining clean water for hospitals in Kenya. On his last birthday, Charity Water was able to collect 1 million dollars. The best thing about this organization is that 100% of your donations go towards the cause. Administrative cost is funded by major corporations.

Maybe for his next birthday you can give him a gift. Maybe you would decide to choose a different organization, but do choose one.

I remember this analogy about a man at the beach; he was throwing back starfish which were doomed to die on the beach. Someone shouted sarcastically at him “you can not save all of them, there are millions of them”. He looked back at him, tossed another one at the sea and said “made a difference to that one”

So just make a difference in someone's life, if it only means one life only.

About the picture: Sunset at one place, sunrise somewhere else. 

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