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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lemon Tarts.

She is in her late twenties very energetic and compassionate. She is always bouncing around from one patient room to another, along the way “trying” to boss around all the physicians.

The amount of energy she has is infectious, but looking at her you can never tell she had an open heart surgery just a few years ago. When you think about open heart patients, twenty year olds do not come to mind. It is one of those medical mysteries where we have no answer why she had coronary artery disease at such a young age.

Now she has a new lease on life. She is now married and has a young son. She says that she meets her son everyday like this may be the last day of her life. She has a very positive approach towards life. She thinks she had this ailment for a reason. She believe that through her people find strength and hope, when they see a person living a normal life despite going through this major surgery, they feel they can go through it too. It is true people can associate more when they have some thing in common.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why life has dealt these cards. You can sulk and make your life miserable. It is your choice to be a passenger or be a driver of your life

As they say if life hands you lemons, make lemonade or be smart make lemon tarts. 

About the picture: I am keenly aware that this picture is neither a lemon nor a lemon tart. But I should get credit for it being yellow.

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Anonymous said...

Great article Dr. Ali! I'm flattered you chose me to blog about:) However, I will have to object to the accusation of "bossing physicians around." I simply inform them of what I'm doing or going to do with their patient's... think of it as "taking the inititive." Another way to look at it is that lemons are natural hair color lighteners and this unique LEMON TART nurse seems to be a natural PHYSICIAN enlightener!!! :)