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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What If Walls Could Talk?

What if walls could really talk? Would you be scared? Would you really want to listen? What stories would they have. If walls talked would you be appalled, overjoyed or disgusted with their sordid tales. You could hear the resonance of  soft whispers among lovers and their promises to each other.

These fortifications may divulge your stories and secrets, stories about you, things you do not want anyone to know. On the flip side you may hear a hearty laughter from your childhood days.  full of fun as a child, sound of your innocent and pure laugh, not yet corrupted by social obligations.

Maybe you will cover your ears, as you can no longer bear to listen to these atrocious stories. Or maybe you will listen just a tad bit more to satisfy you innate curiosity.  You may not like yourself when it will remind you of the unkept promises and blatant lies. It may show your lack of integrity, gold standard test for integrity is not measured on the basis of our social interactions but by what you do when you are alone.

Or maybe it may remind you how much you are needed and what you have done for others.

 PS: I have been lazy about writing blog lately as I have not been feeling well.

About the picture: Field Museum, Chicago

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