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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New blood thinner in 50 years. Dabigatran.

In the history of blood thinners, FDA has approved Dabigatran, a new blood thinner for the first time in fifty years. Dabigatran (Pradaxa) has been approved for strokes associated with Atrial fibrillation. It inhibits thrombin.

Warfarin is one the the best and most dangerous medication we have been using for decades for clot related problems. It requires constant monitoring. Unlike Warfarin, Pradaxa does not require periodic monitoring.  It carries decrease risk of bleeding as its counterpart. It will be available in 75 mg and 150 mg capsules. The cost is going to be an issue. It can be 10 times higher than Warfarin. I think it should be available in the next 6 months.

Well this is as exciting as it gets for us.

About the picture: On top of the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago. 

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Raj said...

It will likely cost over $200 per month. Not a tough choice for patients in today's economy for our medicare population.... Food vs Drugs.