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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21% Medicare Cuts and Air Tran.

Some of my blogs get published at other online websites like here at; I saw a number of comments at one of my recent post which I originally published it here. Some of these comments were thoughtful, some very critical and some very amusing. I would like to mention few here.

“I had a plumber come to my house to snake out a blocked sewer line. Two guys showed, and it took them an hour to do the job. The bill? $100.00 plus the cost of a new wax seal for the toilet bowl. You can’t say hello to a doctor for that kind of money. 
“Which is why they make about 500% more than plumbers on average. And they make that regardless of whether the job they do is phenomenal or not.”
“I don’t know about finances but patients are much more likely to say thank you after I teach them to SCUBA dive than after I save their kid’s life. They are also much more likely to pay their fees to the scuba shop for certification than they are to my office for vaccination of their infant.
Well I can answer some of their concerns but I will leave it for everyone else to make their own inference.  
I recently traveled through Air Tran, I took a picture of this pretzel packet, I found the text very amusing and very practical on the other hand.

It is a possibility that with recent fear of 21% cuts to Medicare payments, we may just not have problems with finding treatment for our elderly, just like it takes forever for Medicaid patients to get an appointment. But we may also find little brochures in hospitals and doctors offices with similar language.

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