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Monday, December 27, 2010

Music Is In The Silence Between The Notes.

Music is in the silence between the notes.  Just imagine even the most renowned symphonies would be just noise if there was no pause between the notes. Life is just like that. If there is no sorrow, joy would not mean any thing. If there is no tragedy, happiness would be meaningless. 

If some one would remain euphoric all the time you would call him insane, if someone is always sad, you would think that he is "depressed". Life requires balance, that could only be achieved if you experience both spectrum. Sometimes it requires a touch of the other side to cherish what you have. Some people only realize what a blessing good health is, until they come out of an illness.

There is a short Urdu story by Azad. There was this man who found out that there is a place where you can go and trade ones worst problems. He went there and traded his chronic colic pain for bad arthritis. On his way back he realized how difficult it was for him to walk with this new ailment. .He had no choice  in the end but to return and get his old ailment back. They say that no one gets more than their share of bad luck, not an ounce more than they could tolerate, I guess it is true, maybe it is adaptation or I just hope that it is not  Karma! 

I write this because in the past one week I admitted two patients, both with foot pain. One person got an amputation the other had a simple infection. Surprisingly both were stoic. I made it  a point to ask both of them today how come they never had a complaint. They both said it could have been worst! 

Blog you later.

About the picture: Curves and different shades caught my eye in this frame as I was walking towards this building in DC.