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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Birthday Party and "I Have A Sick One"

Birthday is supposed to be your day, you enjoy, relax and have fun with your friends and family. Statistically and according to my personal observation, people who have the most birthdays usually live the most.

Few days ago I had mine, somehow it doesn't look kosher if you try to take a day off. My birthday started a little early with a page from ER around 2 in the morning. They gave me routine greetings and put me on hold for some major announcement. Soon I was talking to a fellow physician who said those dreaded 5 words "I have a sick one". When you hear something like this you know you better get up and get ready. Someone is heading to ICU. 

I drove to the ER, dodging few deers (Yes real deer!) and reached there around 3 in the morning. This lady was really sick, she literally decided to throw the book at me. She saved all known critical medical problems for me specially for this day. That took few hours to stabilize. At the same time I was informed that a turkey gulper is waiting for me. Around thanksgiving I usually see one or two who decide to gulp a turkey without utilizing the mastication process which results in a turkey stuck in limbo in the esophagus.  Anyways patients kept on pouring in for the rest of the day without showing any sensitivity that it was my birthday. 

Later I went to the wound care center where my office manager Debbie was kind enough to bring this cake, 
due to lack of resources I had to use a scalpel to cut this cake. The rest of the day passed by pretty fast. I came home around 6 pm, pretty fatigued for the day but it was lovely to see my family and have a great dinner.

PS: No wounds were harmed while utilizing this particular scalpel.

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