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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Few years back I received a call from a lawyer in North Carolina. He was calling to find out if I wrote a letter in favor of an inmate. I knew the patient but I never wrote a letter on his behalf.

I asked him to fax the letter to me. It was a most interesting letter. The letter basically stated that this former patient of mine should be released from jail due to health reasons. I wish if this was as simple to get a "get out of jail" card from a doctor. My letterhead was forged using my business card and interposing the image on a copy paper. The terminologies and language in the letter were flawed and the context was way too simple.

I called the lawyer back and told him that I am not the author of this letter. He laughed and said he thought so. Out of curiosity I asked him what is he convicted of. 

He replied "forgery". 

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About The Picture: I took this picture of a picture at Hirshhorn Smithsonian art museum by Tomas Struth of Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

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Arshia said...

lol! ironic indeed. old habits....