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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need Money For Weed?

Hardly a day passes by when I don't have to admit patients with drug related problems. I have seen almost all kind of complications ranging from anoxic brain injuries after Ecstasy use to brain abscesses after IV drug use. Acute myocardial infartions from cocaine to aortic aneurysms after meth. Addicts of all ages from 18 to 79 years olds, people from all socioeconimical backgrounds.There are already enough problems, why create some more. I wrote about this issue here  in the past.

On my last call I admitted 9 patients, six of those were drug related issues. These admissions are more complicated  as some of them are suicide attempts and some psych issues. Few of them are brought in by police and they are admitted for medical clearance, they later require transfers to psych facilities which are not easy to find.

Anyways just another day in paradise.

About the picture: This gentleman was at Times Square, I had to give him a dollar for this picture.


Raj said...

so Doc now you are promoting weed. Is it medical use or recreational?

Irfan said...

Raj you are missing the point.